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Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

Posted on Oct 24th, 2014
For a notice regarding the  ratification of the 2015 budget
Posted on Sep 29th, 2014
For the do it yourselfers:
1. Turn off your water outside at the box
2. Drain your water lines
3. Flush and put antifreeze into the toilets
Or hire someone to do it for you.
Why? Even if you have a generator and you have set your temperature control to a safe temperature there is no guarantee that your water lines won't freeze. Generators have been known to fail
Be sure that Blue Ridge Public Safety has a key to your house and a list of people to whom they may give it.
Posted on Aug 7th, 2014


From Mule rides (some would like to call them Polaris rides but you do not need a Mule or Polaris to participate) to lunches and musical evenings at the Barn, to the Pavilion parties, to trail rides and hikes in neighboring Panthertown Valley  - the Season in Bald Rock is never boring.  

Every other year Bald Rock hosts a Horse Show to benefit Friends of Panthertown, and the 2014 event was highly successful, raising a record amount to help maintain Panthertown as a World Class natural area, right in our own yard. What an event! Horse owners practice for weeks, which in itself is worth watching, to show off their mounts and equestrian skills at the event. Others solicit donations for the silent auction or bake cookies or staff the tables or chauffeur visitors from their cars to the Barn. Work? Yes, indeed it is but how rewarding to see hundreds of people flock to our beautiful community and coming together to help a worthwhile cause.  THANK YOU for making it possible this year and in the years to come.

What a thrill it is to walk or drive in the early morning and having to stop so Mama Turkey can shepherd her flock across the road, or to see a doe with her fawn peering out from the woods. If you are lucky you might even see a bobcat or a bear. Summer was great! 
Fall is here and the leaves are start turn - enjoy! 
Posted on Nov 15th, 2013
Fires are only permitted in approved fire pits with a hose at the ready. Burning of debris is never allowed in Bald Rock.                
Contact Information
Posted on May 3rd, 2012
How to Contact the Bald Rock POA
Bald Rock Property Owners Association, Inc.
2117 Trays Island Road #2090
Sapphire, NC  28774
The POA office is next to the Main Barn
Office Hours:  8AM-12PM Monday through Friday
Phone:  828-743-0766
Manager:  Christa N. Pankey, Site Manager
Management:  Pro Management NC, LLC
                    448 US Hwy 64 W  Ste 2
                    Cashiers, NC  28717  
                    Office: 828-743-3889
                    Fax: 828-743-3970
Upcoming Events
Monday, May 18th to Saturday, October 10th

May, 2015
Mule Ride: 6:30 Monday, May 18
Pavilion Party: 6:30 Saturday, May 23- Memorial Day weekend
June, 2015
Mule Ride: 6:30 Monday, June 1
Pavilion Party: 6:30 Saturday, June 13-heavy appetizers instead of supper-hosted by    Mary Jane and Meryl
Barn Social: Thursday, June 25-Time TBD by hostess
July, 2015
Pavilion Party: 6:30 July 3-Friday night of July 4th weekend
Annual Board Meeting: Saturday, July 4
Mule Ride: 6:30 Monday, July 13 hosted by Al and Sherie
Barn Social: Thursday, July 23-Time TBD by hostess
August, 2015
Pavilion Party: 6:30 Saturday, August 8-hosted by Barb, Patti, Anne, and Drexel
Barn Social: Thursday, August 13-hosted by  Diane ,  Brenda  and Shirley
Mule Ride: 6:30 Monday, August 17
September, 2015

Pavilion Party: 6:30 Saturday, September 5-Labor Day weekend-hosted by Jane  and Jennifer
Barn Social: Thursday, September 10-Time TBD by hostess
Mule Ride: 6:30 Monday, September 14
October, 2015

Pavilion Chili Supper: 6:30 Saturday, October 10-Columbus Day

Party Host Guidelines
Barn Socials:
To know how many to set up for, guests will be asked to RSVP.
Host decides whether to have it at 11:30 for lunch or 6:30 for supper.
Host gets fire pit going if you want to have a fire and is responsible for putting fire out.
Host lets Christa know time and Christa will tell community in email. Everyone brings a dish to share (depending on host’s choice) and their own bottle.
Host gets ice in tubs and sets up tables/chairs-tables and chairs will be brought to barn from pavilion for the host. Host gets everything ready for the food to be brought
Host makes sure everything is cleaned up, garbage bags closed, etc before leaving barn.
Host plans any horse games/activities/music for event.
Mule Rides:
Meet at barn at 6:30 for everyone to follow each other to destination. Mule seats can be shared by people who don’t have a mule. Folks should RSVP so host knows who to wait for. Food at destination.
Host decides where to go-either to their own home or host will lead everyone to somewhere in the development in our mules.
If you have it at your home-figure everyone is to bring an appetizer or dessert to share and their own bottle so you shouldn’t have to provide anything other than your own contribution-unless of course you want to.
Pavilion Parties:
Guests are invited for 6:30 with grills open about 7 pm for cooking meat. Bring meat for yourself and any guests, side dish or dessert to share and your own bottle.
Host can also decide to have the pavilion party as a heavy appetizer affair and not to have grills going.
RSVPs will be asked for in order to know how many to set up for.
Try not to start clean up until 9 at least so everyone can enjoy themselves.
Set up:
Host will need to pick up pavilion key by Friday morning from Christa at her office beside the barn or make other arrangements.
Host will return key to Christa Monday morning or make other arrangements with her.
Host will arrange and set tables and chairs and decorate pavilion however you want-choose your own theme if you like. Be as creative or non-creative as you like and have fun with it! Set up should be completed by 6 at latest. See list of kitchen supplies for help.
Be sure to set up a table with name tags, and food tables.
Also set up a separate table for desserts by kitchen.
Charcoal for grill-use complete 10 lb. bag, lots of lighter fluid and start it by about 6 so it’s ready to cook on by 7pm.
Put soft drinks and water on ice in metal tubs by 6 to cool down. Ice will be in the freezer in the room under the pavilion. Some soft drinks may be in fridge or on counter in kitchen.
Host is responsible for bathrooms to be tidied, trash collected, and doors locked.  All garbage needs to be collected, tied up so bears don’t try to get it, and left in kitchen.
Host is responsible for seeing that kitchen is left clean, and all decorations and cleaned utensils are put away. Cabinets, closets, drawers, and storage tubs are labeled as to where things belong.
Host responsible for chairs and tables stacked ready to be put away.
If you have a band or dj, please stay until they are ready to leave as well.
Kitchen must be locked and all lights turned out.
Fires in fireplace must be extinguished.

These items are for you to use-you can add anything else you need.
Rolls of Plastic Tablecloths in various colors
Plastic forks, spoons, knives
Paper plates and napkins
Salt and Pepper Shakers
Extension cords
Cleaning supplies
Serving utensils and cooking utensils (tongs, etc)
Hot pads, some dish towels
Paper towels
Name tags and pens, scissors
Lighters for grill
Aluminum foil, etc.
Tubs/ice, sodas, bottles of water
          Memorial Day/4th of July storage tub and in lower cupboards
          Football theme
          Mexican theme
          Silk flowers in  tall silver metal containers
          Tea light candles and votives for them to go in

            Birthday party theme-some