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Dear Bald Rock Owner,
Your Bald Rock Board of Directors are pleased to announce that we have eliminated the 0.5% property transfer fee effective for closings after June 1, 2016. This fee was created in 2009 to provide adequate funding for Bald Rock Reserves and especially our road reserves which are now fully funded through 2030.  Bald Rock is one of the few communities with a fully funded road reserve.   Well funded Reserves are a great benefit to all current and future Bald Rock owners as the likelihood of a Special Assessment is now remote.

Oil prices directly affect the cost of materials used to maintain our roads.
We have been monitoring this issue every year as well as reserve levels and reduced the annual assessments  by $100 in the 2013 budget and again by another $100 in the current year.

We look forward to  seeing you at one of the upcoming social events.
Enjoy the rest of the 2016 Social Season.

Rick Irwin, President
Bald Rock POA, Inc.
Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

Posted on Jun 25th, 2016
For making the 2016 Horse Show to benefit Friends of Panthertown yet another success.
Posted on Nov 15th, 2013
Fires are only permitted in approved fire pits with a hose at the ready. Burning of debris is never allowed in Bald Rock.                
Contact Information
Posted on May 3rd, 2012
How to Contact the Bald Rock POA
Bald Rock Property Owners Association, Inc.
2117 Trays Island Road #2090
Sapphire, NC  28774
The POA office is next to the Main Barn
Office Hours:  8AM-12PM Monday through Friday
Phone:  828-743-0766
Manager:  Christa N. Pankey, Site Manager
Management:  Pro Management NC, LLC
                    448 US Hwy 64 W  Ste 2
                    Cashiers, NC  28717  
                    Office: 828-743-3889
                    Fax: 828-743-3970
Upcoming Events
Monday, October 26th to Saturday, December 31st
Pavilion Party on Saturday, June 11 hosted by Linn D and Diane L.
Barn Social on Friday, June 24th, hosted by Nancy to preview Silent Auction
HORSE SHOW on Saturday, June 25th
Mule Ride on Monday June, 13th to a mystery location.....
Pavilion Party, Saturday, July 2nd hosted by Linda A, Patti D and Deanne I.
Mule Ride,  Monday, July 11th hosted by Rick and Deanne
Barn Social, Friday, July 22nd hosted by Jane,  Jennifer and Nancy J
Pavilion Party, Saturday, August 6th hosted by Barb and Lane, Anne and Neal, Jeanne and Steve and Wendy and Bill
Mule Ride, Monday August 15th, hosted by Al and Sherie
Barn Social, Thursday, August 25th hosted b Kitty Q and Lisa C
Pavilion Party, Saturday, September 3rd,  hosted by Anne and Neal, Barb and Phil, Deanne and Rick, Jane and Jarrett
Mule Ride,  Monday, September 12th hosted by Denise and Walter
Pavilion Party Friday, September 16th hosted by Brenda and Diane
Pavilion Party (Chili Supper and Halloween Party) , Friday, October 14th
hosted by Mary Jane and Wendy