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Monday, October 26th to Sunday, December 31st
The 2016 Social Season was, once again, a success.  "THANK YOU" to all of you who volunteered and hosted an event.    Please consider hosting one of the posted events.
Bald Rock Social Calendar for 2017
Pavilion Parties:  Saturdays - RSVP for event
Gather at 6:30, grill at 7
Bring your own meat to cook and a dish to share that will feed your own group and 4-6 others
Hosts should start the charcoal in the grill by 6:15 at latest
May 27-Memorial Day
June 17 - hosted by James, Brenda, Joe, Capers, Ashmead and Drexel
July 8 - Fourth of July party - POA provides meat and music hosted by Bobby and Katie T. and Linda B.
Aug. 5 - hosted by Deborah and Deanne
Sep. 2 - hosted by Deanne, Patti and Anne 
Oct 13 - hosted by Brenda and James and Drexel and Ashmead music by Steven Johannessen
Oct 28 - Halloween/Chilli Party  - hosted by Wendy and Mary Jane
Mule Rides: Mondays - RSVP for event
We will meet at barn and drive to destination to eat heavy appetizers
Host will coordinate with Christa and/or Social Committee to lead group either to a destination (within Bald Rock or down to Fairfield Lake or to their home - hosts choice)
June 5 - hosted by Rick and  Deanne, Neal and Ann, Phil and Barbara
July 10 - hosted by Jon and Linda
Aug 21 "Solar Eclipse" to be celebrated at the Barn more info to follow - hosted by Diane and Vic, Brenda and James and Shirley and Joe
Barn Socials: Thursday or Friday - RSVP for event
Gather at the  Barn
Host will choose either Thursday or Friday, and Lunch or Supper
Hosts can choose to do either a potluck meal or provide any part of the menu-for example, hosts could provide hot dogs, hamburgers, or other main entry and have everyone else bring sides and desserts. It is the hosts choice as how to do the food!
June 23-Dog show-Jane, Jennifer and Nancy J.  hosts
July 20 hosted by Katie T
Sept 8 - Low Country Boil hosted by Jimmy and Lisa and Steve and Kitty